Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Weekend/Next Week & More Snow!

Looks like another cold night of single digit lows.  Overall daytime highs look to be in the twenties for the next 5 to 7 days with overnight lows in the teens.  The snow pack will remain with us.

Additional accumulating snow is forecast Sunday evening through President's day.  It will just whiten things up and not bring much accumulation.  About an inch overall.  Some forecasters wishcasters are hoping the clipper tracks more north which could then produce 3-4 inches for us but I see no reason for that to happen.

I do see around the end of the month a rather significant storm over the Ohio Valley.  It is just too early to tell if it will be snow or rain/severe weather but it is something to watch.  Currently no other storm systems are showing up that will do more than provide a dusting of snow between now and then.

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Scott said...

Put me on the wishcaster list, as it seems to creep closer and closer after each update, always hope!