Monday, February 8, 2010

Right On Track...

You can see how large this system is with the watches and warnings across much of the US.

Just one worry for me with the forecast. You can see on the map below the lower precipitation/snow total cuts diagonally across the state. If there were to work its way up here, lower totals of snow would result. I still think the low end of 5 inches would verify however.

Some nice snow graphics from the NWS area offices.

An important thing to remember is this will be a long duration event lasting into Wednesday morning with significant blowing late Tuesday into Wednesday. Be prepared for waves of snow and occasional breaks in the action.

Colder air will follow and more snow possible this weekend. More on that tomorrow.

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And just a graphic you don't see very often. All of Indiana under a heavy snow hatch. Sweet!

Don't forget you can listen to the public safety agencies in Howard County/Kokomo at Scan Kokomo -

Oh, no need to talk about the chances for a snow day on Tuesday. It's a lock!

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